Valuation and business modelling service

Our valuation practice comprises main two components such as valuation of real estate assets under Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines and business/ equity valuations.

RICS valuation practice guidance – applications are referencing to the use of a VPG (Valuation Practice Guidance) and provide further implementation guidance in the specific scenarios. Accordingly, it covers valaution for user specific purposes (of which financial reporting and secured lending are among the most widely encountered), and valuations of certain specific asset types, where particular issues and/or practical considerations expressly need to be considered. These VPGs embody ‘best practice’ – that is procedures that in the opinion of RICS meet a high standard of professional competence.

Business valuation and modeling- We are well versed in understanding business models and articulate their cash flows in to a model that represents potential cash flows. Recently, several IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) are developed to address the fair value estimation of assets and Cash Generating Units (CGUs). Our business valuation team are internationally experienced to bring the best service to meet multiple objectives business valuations.

Related services as summarized below;

a. Property valuation services under RICS guidelines related;

  • Property/ real estate valuation for mortgage purpose
  • Asset valuation for financial reporting
  • Building valuation for court order processing
  • Property valuation for mergers and acquisition purpose
  • Real estate valuation for management decision making purpose


b. Business valuation and modeling related;

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Business valuations
  • Business modeling-build
  • Property valuations
  • Capital equipment valuations
  • Minority exits valuations
  • Valuations for company acquisitions
  • Impairment assessments
  • Net Assets statements
  • Financial reporting valuation for CGUs (Cash generating Units)
  • Working capital advisory support
  • Loss assessment reviews
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