Transaction and strategy services

Our clients enjoy the personalized services with access to broad intellectual capital, extensive relationships and leading-class solutions to drive growth strategies that fit buy-side M&A needs. 

Our approach allows us to address the specific mergers and acquisitions needs of clients. The transaction and strategy services are often delivered as tailormade services in terms of raising capital, optimizing capital and performance of capital. Our experienced team to undertake the mandate of the transaction and carefully secure the position of buyer/ seller during the transaction Lifecycle.

Our business valuation and modeling team is well versed in catering to business valuation and modeling requirements in the market. Over the years, our firm has developed its own proprietary valuation model for tourism market business in the Maldives market. We follow an integrated approach having closely worked with RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors-UK) to conduct complex valuation scenarios to optimize the objectives of intended users.


We offer transaction and strategy related service as summarized below;


1. Buyer protection services

  • Buy side financial due diligence 
  • Operational due diligence 
  • Working capital due diligence
  • Assist to negotiate terms of transactions 
  • Value creation and synergy creation services 

2. Seller protection service 

  • Sell side financial due diligence 

3. Valuation and business modeling 


  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Business valuation and modeling services 
  • Minority exits valuations 
  • Impairment assessments 

4. Corporate restructure and strategy


  • Prepare project financing proposal
  • Prepare loan syndication and reschedule proposals 
  • Integration strategy and value appreciation services 
  • IPO reediness services 
  • Balance sheet restructure