Tax service

Our tax advisors have worked with the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) and are well versed in the domestic tax legislation and the complexities of the international tax aspect     , enabling us to ensure that the financial and commercial transactions of our clients comply with the applicable tax legislation.


In order to provide the most comprehensive tax services, we have formed strong strategic alliances with prominent and leading law firms in the Maldives. Allowing      us to provide a wide range of services to help our clients in strategic tax planning and structuring their business in the most tax-efficient manner.

Our services include:


  1. Statutory tax reporting
  2. Strategic tax planning
  3. Transaction tax advisory
  4. Assistance in transfer pricing & international tax matters
  5. Assistance during tax audits & investigations
  6. Technical support for tax objections & appeals
  7. Tax compliance audits & reviews
  8. Tax due diligence services
  9. Client representation
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