Audit & Assurance service

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques, our highly trained team members evaluate potential opportunities and threats to provide efficient facilities for auditing & assurance. We assist our clients to design systems with proper internal controls to adopt better future-oriented strategies. We understand that auditing is more than just the presentation of accurate figures, but is rather an ongoing process.


Valuation and business modelling service

Our valuation practice comprises main two components such as valuation of real estate assets under Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines and business/ equity valuations.

Tax service

Our tax advisors have worked with the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) and are well versed in the domestic tax legislation and the complexities of the international tax aspect     , enabling us to ensure that the financial and commercial transactions of our clients comply with the applicable tax legislation.

Advisory services

Our Business Advisory Department is well-equipped to cater day to day requirements of our clients. We offer multiple services to optimize the business objective clients. 


Our business process outsourcing unit is well prepared to organize and maintain the book keeping, human resource management, data management and accounts maintenance work of SME sector businesses so that you may focus on achieving your key objectives without being weighed down by red tape

Transaction and strategy services

Our clients enjoy the personalized services with access to broad intellectual capital, extensive relationships and leading-class solutions to drive growth strategies that fit buy-side M&A needs. 

Our approach allows us to address the specific mergers and acquisitions needs of clients. The transaction and strategy services are often delivered as tailormade services in terms of raising capital, optimizing capital and performance of capital. Our experienced team to undertake the mandate of the transaction and carefully secure the position of buyer/ seller during the transaction Lifecycle

Technology and process transformation

By helping our clients to realize the value of digital technologies combined with business process, we help to optimize every integral part of value delivery process.

We believe that to succeed, you need innovative insight along with change expertise which consider appropriate consideration of sophisticated IT driven frameworks to drive growth, save costs and invest in tomorrow…