About Us

Our firm

We are a registered firm under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Maldives.      With over a decade’s worth of experience in audit, tax, and advisory services, our clients can rely on our team to act in your best interests at all times.


We had our humble beginnings as a specialized tax advisory firm. Catering to both international and local corporations in need of strategic and statutory tax filing.  In the years that followed as the team grew, we have expanded our services to cover audit and advisory services as well.

Our firm culture

Our firm follows modern working culture within the organization which allows flexibility with efficient working modules. Having understand the market we operate our firm deploys multinationals. We follow remote working culture given the geographical location in the country through branch offices and representatives across the country.


Our firm has embraced a very modern working culture within in the organization, allowing for greater flexibility. As a firm that caters to international clients, it’s important that we remain ready at all times. Our firm allows for telecommuting and has adapted to the ever-changing work environment

Our branch offices and alliances

Given the geographical location of the Maldives, we have set up our branch offices within Maldives so that we can cater our clients closely to achieve their business objectives.


The head office is located in Central of the Male’ City while two branches are located in southern and northern part of country.


Our business process outsourcing units are located in India and Sri Lanka.